Yorkie Baby


$10,000.00 $8,500.00

New York

Pet Home

Deposit: $1000.00 nonrefundable deposit
Date ready for new home: As early as Feb 9th

Birthdate:  Nov 24th

Color:  Black and Gold

She is currently charting around 4lbs or so full grown

This sweetheart is the only girl in the litter that made it. She is absolutely beautiful, with a tiny little doll face (wideset eyes, and short snout, that sits higher up on the face). She is a doll!!!

She has a small compact frame, and is all coat! At 6wks old, I could put pigtails in her hair. lol She’s the type of girl who’s coat could touch the ground by the time she hits 8-9 months. She is perfect!



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