Boys vs Girls

Boys vs Girls
Male or Female Puppy….What are the differences ?

Many clients come to me wanting a female puppy and quiet honestly this saddens me to a degree. When if I myself was in search for my Pet , I would hands down choose a little male. I say this due to the differences in look, and personality I have noticed over the years. While both are adorable and precious they can be very different. So it is up to you to decide which best fits your personal situation. I have tried to list below things I have noticed plus scientific facts of differences between the female and male that many people do not realize.

Little Girls seem to be saying “Love Me”, “Love Me”, it all about,….. “”””Me””””. While my little Boys are saying “I Love You”, “I Love You” ,….So eager to please you. 

Scientifically- Females are more independent and moody than the little males. Females are much more intent upon showing their dominance by participating in behaviors such as fighting to establish who is in charge down through history.

Most people do not realize a “dog pack” is 99% of the time run by females. The females in the pack determine the “pecking order” and they compete to keep their positions or move up in the pack often fighting or doing away with the smaller or weaker females. Therefore most fights will break out with 2 or more females. I have never seen a fight between 2 males or even a male and a female….but with 2 females or esp the 3rd female, I have noticed aggressive behaviors in the sweetest of Yorkies toward the other girl or ( odd man out) …it is not a good idea if considering a 3rd Yorkie to go with a third female. It truly goes back to the saying 2 is company 3 is a crowd. You rarely see this with males. You must also remember know matter how sweet your Yorkie, they are “ratters” by nature and important to be aware of the characteristics that goes with the bred. 

The little males are usually keep a more precious puppy face and appearance longer as over all mature slower than the female. While the females do tend to mature faster losing the puppy stage a bit sooner. The boys over all have the shorter back and legs as their bodies were not designed by nature a bit longer to carry babies. They are more affectionate and even tempered, never any moodiness, or need to be “alpha” or dominate around other pets. They also get very attached to their owners, are so eager to please and motivated with praise. This makes it easier to house/train and teach tricks, just much more receptive to learning. While the little girls “already know ” they are just adored”, by their owners :-)….so not really worth the effort, after all it is all about “ME”. smile

It is very important to get either spayed/neuter your Yorkie when keeping as your forever companion. The old saying about little males marking their territory comes from folks who left the males in tack and did not alter. The marking can done by both males and females if left intact. In fact the little males will go potty just like the little females and never know to “mark” if neutered usually by 8 month-1 year of age, depending on the maturity level or your little male. 

So which ever you decide it is important to have your male or female altered before any bad behavior would start. On the smaller Yorkies exceptions may have to be made to alter a bit later and I would be happy to discuss your options with you on both male and female puppies.

I love my girls and I love my boys and appreciate the differences in each….but wanted to share what knowledge I had and some scientific facts about the two that most people are really not aware of …so which ever your choice, the boy or the girl? I will help you all that I can to figure out which puppy is right for you. I do believe strongly there is a right match with each person and puppy. My “Motto” is a Yorkie will love you til their last breath.